Wolfeboro Carwash Offers Detailing!

 We are proud to announce in December of 2008 we are opening a new branch of our business, Executive Detail of Wolfeboro.  Why "Executive" detail?  If we are going to do something it will be nothing less than the best.  In October of 2008 the owner of the Carwash flew out to Boise Idaho along with his to-be head detailer in order to be trained by one of the best, if not, the best detailer in the country, Renny Doyle of Attention to Details, LTD.  Renny is the detailer of Air Force One as well as many other well known celebrities in the US and he is a great guy.  We are certified through his program and are now among the top percentage of detailers.  We offer paint correction, head light restoration, carpet cleaning, interior ""q-tip" nook and cranny cleaning, wheel, tire, glass and engine cleaning at its finest.  Your car is most like likely your second largest investment next to your home.  Protect your investment!