Paint Protection Options

 Wax Vs.           Paint Sealants 

Ever wonder what the difference is between wax and sealers? Wax is derived from Carnuaba which is the coating found on Palm leaves in order to protect them from the sun and weather. When applied to your car, it provides the same protection to your paint.  Paint sealers are synthetic products which act like wax to protect your vehicles paint. Now, let’s talk chemistry…….. Each wax molecule has a few arms that connect them to the paint and each other to form the protection layer which helps keep water, uv rays, and contaminates out and keep your paint looking great. Water molecules, after a while, work their way through the layer of wax and begin to break it down within 4-6 weeks depending on the quality of wax. By comparison, synthetic paint sealers have more arms that connect each other providing a greater bond and locking out the elements for a longer period of time, lasting for 4-6 months or more. The higher grade the paint sealant, the greater the bond and the longer the protection lasts. For a more in depth article on wax vs. paint sealers click here.