Touch Free Automatic Options:

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Our touch free automatic carwash machine uses a  low ph/ high ph 2 step pre-soak to break the bond of the dirt to your vehicle's paint better.  The dirt is then removed from the vehicle by using a high impact spray arm which uses a high volume of water at around 300 psi.  The benefit of the touch-free wash is that nothing comes in contact with your vehicle's finish except chemicals and water.   In order to get the absolute best wash in any touch-less wash we recommend the following:

1.  Protection- Keep your vehicle's finish protected with a wax, paint sealant or coating.  Many people do not realize that a typical wax only lasts for about 4-6 weeks depending on whether it is garaged, a daily driver, exposed to road salt etc.  Paint sealant, which is similar to wax, is a synthetic product that lasts anywhere from 2 months to 12 months (at best) depending on the quality of the product, application, and driving factors as described above.  Paint coatings with a higher molecular bond can last up to a couple years if applied properly.  In our detail shop we apply wax, paint sealants, and paint coatings for our customers depending on what their needs are.   If you are a do-it-yourself-er just make sure you keep track of what the expected durability of your protection is and re-apply when necessary.

2. Hand wash/ Friction wash- As good as the touch-free wash is, nothing compares to a go 'ol hand wash with a pH balanced soap.  A good rule of thumb is to hand wash every 3-4 touch-less washes.  It is important to first spray off all of the loose dirt from the vehicle surface prior to touching it with anything.  Start from the top down and lightly wash the surface of the vehicle either at home with a microfber mit , in our new friction wash automatic bay or in one of our self serve bays with our bubble brush. (Please make sure you spray off brush prior to use.   We work hard to keep the brushes hung up and free of dirt but cannot control what happens to them all of the time so take a few seconds and rinse thoroughly prior to use).   If you prefer to have our staff hand wash your vehicle, that service is available starting at $25.00. 

3.  Detail your vehicle a minimum of once per year.....2 times per year is recommended.  In our shop, a full exterior detail includes the following:  wheels and tires clean and dressed, hand wash, clear coat decontamination (removes all of the foreign contaminates which get embedded in you clear coat), light polish and protection (wax, paint sealant or coating).  View our full detail services menu here.  Again, if you enjoy caring for your vehicle yourself......great!  If you have questions please do not hesitate to ask.

 Wash Menu

Basic Wash - $10.00  

2 step Pre-soak / High Pressure Rinse/ Clear coat drying agent/ extra rinse/ power dry


Super Wash - $13.00

Rocker panel blaster / Undercarriage Wash / 2 step Presoak / High Pressure Rinse / Clear Coat drying agent /  extra rinse/ Power dry


The Works: - $14.00

   Rocker panel blaster / Undercarriage Wash / 2 step presoak/ High Pressure Rinse/Tri-Foam Wax/ extra rinse / Clear Coat drying agent / Power Dry

Hand Wash - Sarting at $30.00

Clean face of wheels and tires, hand wash vehicle surface and chamois dry.

***Add 4 weeks paint protection for $30.00