What is Claying???...and why should I do it?


Whether you are an auto detailer here is Wolfeboro NH,  across the US, or in another country, in the world of auto detailing “claying” is a common term.  If you are not in the business you may ask yourself what is claying and what does clay have to do with cleaning a car?  The answer is……if you are going to touch a buffing pad to your car, you really need to clay it first.  An easy test, after you wash your car, is to run your hand over the paint surface of your car.  You will feel a bit of grit on the paint and it will make a static like sound.  Don’t be too hard on yourself, this doesn’t mean you did not do a good job washing your car.  If it makes you feel better wash it again……but you will experience the same.  The reason for this is that contaminants are actually bonded to, and embedded in, the clear coat of your vehicle and no matter how well you wash your car you will not get all of it off.  Rubbing auto clay over your car’s paint surface with a lubricant removes this debris and leaves your clear coat clean and prepped to buff.  You can see in the above picture that all of the contaminants are now on the clay......like magic.....sort of....except for the time and work you have to put in to it!