Super Storm Sandy - Super Sized Detail

WOLFEBORO, NH - January 29, 2013 – Andrew Swenson of Wolfeboro Carwash and Executive Detail, and a member of the now infamous Detail Mafia, just returned from Union Beach, NJ where he joined other team members in restoring 11 fire and emergency vehicles badly damaged by Hurricane Sandy.

Featured on the 12-12-12 Concert after three of their four fire stations were flooded, Swenson, who donated his time and skill to the pro bono project, says the ladder trucks, rescue trucks, ambulances and staff vehicles were suffering from hard to remove water spots and storm- battered paint. “They had attempted to clean some of the vehicles but the kind of damage they experienced requires professional grade products and materials, expertise in paint correction, and several more steps than most people put into washing and detailing the exterior of their vehicles,” Swenson says. “One of the staff vehicles, a Dodge Durango, had been donated to the squad and it was truly nasty, covered in mildew. We spent hours on it.”

After washing and preparing the paint, they performed mild to moderate paint correction using a professional-grade show polish and finished it off with a coat of Tech Shine to give it a long-lasting shine.

“Professional detailing requires developing an eye for perfection and that is why getting a certification from Renny Doyle’s Detailing Success is so different. We go at every project, whether it is a fire engine, an airplane, a classic car, a yacht, or an everyday ride, with an attitude that we can get it back to showroom status. Of course we all have our proprietary techniques for accomplishing that and certain levels of correction and restoration can get expensive.”

This uniquely developed skill is why Doyle’s team call themselves the Detail Mafia. They take on every job with a vengeance and they are truly a family, giving time to one another when in need.

Swenson says using the proper equipment is an important part of paint correction, one of the areas in which his Wolfeboro Carwash and Executive Detail specializes. “I just purchased an $800 paint gauge,” Swenson says. “It is very important to know how thick the paint is on an automobile so you know how much you can take off when making a significant correction. If you do not use a high precision instrument like this, you can damage a vehicle’s paint and that isn’t good when working on a $90,000 Porsche, or any vehicle for that matter.”

Wolfeboro Carwash & Executive Detail offers a wide range of automotive care services from a simple hand wash or basic full detail, to high-end paint correction, stain removal, and headlight lens restoration (clearing up cloudy lenses). They also offer color restoration and full detail services on boats, as well as detailing for RVs and motorcycles.

Wolfeboro uses the 3-step DrivePur odor removal system, which quickly and effectively removes contaminants from your car’s interior and exterior in less than thirty minutes. The harmless, invisible coating continues to improve your air quality for months, while continuing to fight surface pollution.

“We are trained and certified by the top detailer worldwide, and we test products through a great network of the finest detailers who also earned that certification. It allows us to achieve the highest standards possible in our business, so we can pass those standards along to our customers.”

For more information on Wolfeboro Carwash and Executive Detail and their participation in the Union Beach, NJ firehouses project, visit our website at, or contact Andrew Swenson at 603-941-0123.