How about that Pine Sap?


 If you live in New Hampshire, seasonally or year ‘round, sooner or later you are going to deal with pine sap.  We have some of the most beautiful landscapes of lakes and mountains in the country and those landscapes include big, beautiful pine trees.  These pines can grow over 100 ft tall so even if you are not parked directly under the tree a slight breeze can send that sap right onto your nice, clean car. 

Why is this a problem?  Besides looking terrible on your paint job, pine sap is acidic (low PH) and can actually eat through the protective clear coat layer of your car’s paint.  It can begin damaging your clear coat almost immediately so be sure to remove it or have it removed as soon as possible.  We run into this at the detail shop on a regular basis and even when the sap is completely removed you can actually see where it had been because the clear coat has a little ripple where the sap used to be.  There are many products that will remove sap but be careful because many can damage your paint also and you can scratch it in the process.  If you are not completely confident in removing pine sap yourself please contact us for tips or to make an appointment to have it professionally removed.  Whatever you do, don’t leave it on car!!!!