Glare Professional Products now Available

 We at Wolfeboro Carwash & Executive Detail are proud to announce that we have just finalized a deal with Glare Professional Products to distribute and act as a service center for their Products.  We have been using Glare Polish/Sealant in our detail shop for over a year and a half now and were so impressed with the product that we decided we would also carry their product line for retail sales.  Glare is endorsed by several companies including Honda Racing and the L.A.P.D for use on their Aircraft, motorcycles and cars.  Glare Polish/Sealant is a synthetic product using a covalent bond to have unmatched paint protection for your car, Motorcycle, RV, Boat or Aircraft.  Glare also offers micro finish polishes, compounds, wheel cleaners/dressings, leather conditioner, spray detailers and other professional products to keep your investment protected.  If you want us to do it for you, we have a full line of detail services available.  Call or Email if you have any questions, would like to order products or make a detail appointment.